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While power outages in Gloucester, MA & surrounding areas are a part of life, the resulting inconvenience, damage, discomfort, and safety risks doesn’t need to be. No matter the duration or frequency of electrical failures, a standby generator delivers fast, automatic emergency power. You’re not required to be on the premises for start up, and sizing is customized to run critical systems or the entire house or facility. Whether for residential or commercial application, your day-to-day isn’t disrupted. Don’t hesitate to call Paone Mechanical at (978) 228-5230 for further information and a free estimate.

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With severe local weather, maintaining comfort levels can be the difference between remaining at home or braving the snowy roads to find a hotel. There’s no need to worry about food spoilage or access to lights, water, internet, heating, cooling, etc. You run your home and business as normal, with complete peace of mind. Modern generators conduct self-diagnosis to ensure reliable operation. When power is restored, the generator waits to transfer to the utility until voltage has stabilized, safeguarding against surges and voltage fluctuation.

When you need generator repair, maintenance, or installation, call on our team of professionals!

Paone Mechanical recommends proven exceptional equipment and provides proper sizing, installation, and setup. Permanently implemented, backup generators provide trusted protection during storms, disasters, and emergencies. Preventing the expense of frozen and ruptured pipes, keeping the sump pump running to avoid flooding, and offering peace of mind, generators are a worthwhile investment. Family owned and operated, Paone Mechanical completes a full rage of generator services, including repair and essential maintenance, on time and on budget, anywhere across Gloucester, Essex, Rockport, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Ipswich, Hamilton, Wenham & Beverly, MA.

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