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The tremendous energy savings makes a geothermal heat pump a worthwhile and rewarding investment. By drawing from a free and renewable underground energy source, the system trims up to 60% on heating and up to 50% on cooling costs when compared to conventional HVAC equipment. Accommodating both new construction and retrofit projects, Paone Mechanical provides a smooth and rewarding start to finish completion.

Professional Geothermal HVAC System Installations

As a boutique HVAC company, Paone Mechanical combines a small, highly trained and dedicated team with the depth of resources to properly and swiftly handle the specialized requirements of geothermal installation and services. We tailor design to best suit your needs and partner with industry-leading manufacturers. Contact us at (978) 228-5230 for a free estimate and to hear about available rebates and incentives in Gloucester, MA & surrounding areas.

Geothermal HVAC Repair Service & Maintenance

Considered the most environmentally friendly means of temperature control, geothermal heat pumps eliminate the combustion process. There’s no carbon monoxide concerns or greenhouse gases. You enjoy clean, safe, quiet operation and superior indoor air quality. Low in maintenance, the indoor component can be expected to last around 25 years, while the underground loop is warranted for fifty years. Make Paone Mechanical your source for expert geothermal HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance anywhere across Gloucester, Essex, Rockport, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Ipswich, Hamilton, Wenham & Beverly, MA.

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